So you want to know about CoachG4Lyfe, do you? Well G arrived to the United States sometime during a mighty hurricane just off the coast of Southern Alabama, no one knows exactly when, but he was found wrapped haphazzardly in a blue striped tube-sock, a pair of pink and black leopard print panties and a small tangled spool of .6mm gauge fishing wire stuck to a fist full of cork bobbers.

He was considered a floating miracle! As soon as he touched that dry land he was off and running, he just happened to spot a washed up basketball, and he scooped that thing up quicker than his boy Lebron hopped the flight to Florida, and that was that, the rest of his life was set!

Now it took awhile for him to lose his Scottish/Russian accent but eventually he was able to fool the stupid Americans he was one of them, and they started letting him play with them at the schoolyard, next was college and he had his eyes on the pros! G was at the top of his game and the height of his life when suddenly tragedy struck, G had an ingrown toenail in his left hand! After the operation his jumper was never the same.

Losing confidence in his game, and himself he left the court and began a hard road of addiction! That’s right another victim of the Hostess Company! G was putting Ding-Dongs and Ho-Hos down like he was being rewarded for it. The only reward in store for him was an extra 300 pounds of cakieness. At the end of the “Great Fall” when G was at his lowest and gravity at its most effective, lighting struck! Literally,  a bolt of lightening fried him while he was on his way back from the grocery store with a bag of fresh goodies.

Who knows what images must have flashed through his head during that shock, but afterwards he was a new man! A man on a mission, a mission to be the WORLD”S GREATEST COACH EVER! And so far his vision has been both steadily and rapidly unfolding into what is now called the CoachG4Lyfe program!

Coach Ryan J. Gracia was born in Canton, Ohio where he attended Canton South High School. He started his college career at Tiffin University with a basketball scholarship. However, Ryan graduated from Walsh University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a minor in Business Management.

After graduation, Ryan began a career at Canton South High school as an Intervention Specialist and College Advisor, and took on the responsibility as a Cultural Awareness Advisor of over 200 students. During this time, he also coached JV/Varsity basketball at Canton South High School and Canton McKinley Senior High School.  In 2013, Ryan returned to his Alma Mater, Walsh University where he served as an Assistant Coach.  He also served as the Varsity Assistant Coach at Canton McKinley Senior High and the team made it to the state Elite 8. Ryan then served as the Head Basketball Coach, General Manager, and Part-Owner of the Stark County Revolution, a Canton, Ohio semi-pro team, which then led him the same positon with the Florida Makos Professional ABA Basketball Team.

As founder of CoachG4Lyfe, which specializes in motivational speaking, college advising and individual and group workouts, Ryan is committed to programming that changes future generations. Seeing a world where student-athletes possess the necessary life skills to graduate, gain admission to colleges/universities, and become productive citizens, CoachG4Lyfe focuses on three important phases: Physical, Education, and Character. Innovative athletic and educational programming allows basketball to be used as a vehicle to develop not only athletes, but professional and life skills also.

Ryan, also served as the Executive Director of The Prepared Athlete, a non-profit incorporated service for youth grades 3 through 12. The program focuses on physical, academic, and character development. As the Director, he volunteers his time to develop children by helping them academically and athletically.

Ryan’s greatest accomplishments in coaching are:

  • 2010 Global Professional Basketball League II Championship Winners with Stark Revolution Semi-Pro Basketball Team
  • 2005-2006 OHSAA Division One Championship with McKinley Senior High School
  • 2002-2003 Final Four berth with Canton South High School

He has also held position as Camp Director of former NBA players Eric Snow and Keith Mcleod. Under CoachG4Lyfe he conducts clinics, summer leagues, camps and educational programs for student-athletes.

Loyalty is the foundation of Ryan’s relationships, personally and professionally. He is committed to our future generation of student-athletes and their success. Ryan embraces the challenge that comes with being a leader, a role model to others, and one who provides citizens with support and structure. He serves his community with a passion and thrives to help empower the lives of others.


is a society of physically and emotionally fit children who have a strong foundation of moral character.


is to empower children with the necessary life skills to graduate, gain admission to colleges & universities, and become productive citizens in all areas of their lives.


Character Development

College Exposure

Motivational Speaking

Life Coaching


Individual, Group and Team Workouts