Zitney Testimonial

2013 AAU

We are thankful to have met CoachG4Lyfe for our 13 year old son, who has been playing youth basketball since he was 6 years oldwith his school program.  Our son always had the potential of being a good basketball player but was not improving as much as we had hoped.  Now that he is getting older and wanting to make the school team, we knew we had to do something more outside of the school program.

We were fortunate to have met Coach Gracia through AAU basketball.  Coach G. started having Michael partaking in his program and individual workouts to improve his fundamental skills.   Our son has benefited in so many ways along with the drive to be a better basketball player.  Coach Gracia has been working with our son for over a year and he has improved Michaels’ skills and knowledge of the game tremendously.  He now has self-confidence to believe in his talents as a 13 year old at the height of 6’2”.

Coach G. has not only worked hard on making him strong under the basket and also improved his shooting skills.  We are very impressed with the equipment he has and uses, knowledge of the game and the importance of the core fundamentals and the time he puts in with all the kids.  CoachG4Lyfe shows he has the love of the game and for teaching all kids equally and gives them guidance to be a strong athlete with his camps and lessons that he provides. He consistently praises them and gives great confidence and works them harder than any coach our son has worked with in the past.

Coach G. talks highly of the importance of education and respect for each other on court and off court.  We are looking forward to and hope to see our son make the High School Team with the confidence, training and knowledge of the game Coach G. is teaching him.  We highly recommend everyone to send their child to Coach G4Lyfe if they want to see improvements in their child’s game and to be a stronger player!

Thank you Coach G,

The Zitneys

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